Small Hall 1
Hall Building 4F, 5F

Small hall, best to present recitals and lectures

The stage is designed with a gentle slope rising away from the audience.

This auditorium with a proscenium stage and with its 300 seats creates a close proximity between performers and the audience.
The stage is suitable for various events.
It’s equipped with the same equipment as Main Hall such as a portable full-stage acoustical shell and a time variant reverberator.

  • Auditorium
  • Lobby
  • Dressing room 1
  • Dressing room 2

Small Hall 1 Specification

Seating capacity
312 seats (including 78 seats can be converted into an apron stage, 8 wheelchair Accessible seats, 4 seats in nursery room)
Stage size
Proscenium Opening: 11m, Proscenium Height: 6-8m, Grid Height: 18m, Stage Dimensions: 11x12m
Dressing rooms
3 rooms (excluded 4 dressing rooms jointly used at Main Hall)
Enclosed loading dock
Same as Main Hall
Apron elevator stage, Hearing loop, Time variant reverberator, Portable full-stage acoustical shell, Box-in-box sound insulating structure