Small Hall 2
Hall Building 5F, M6F

Small hall 2, multipurpose space for various events

Shoebox type hall for multi-use spaces.

This shoebox type hall with a stage, which is a block set, multi-block lift can be synchronized or separate lift, and a movable seating system with 300 seats.
Through the action of different movements of the platform and seats as well as using liftable lighting truss can be achieved in the performance of the ladder, the sense of the level of performance for any events.

  • Flat floor configuration
  • Auditorium with movable seats
  • Divided into two rooms (north side)
  • Main foyer
  • Dressing room 1
  • Dressing room 2

Small Hall 2 Specification

Seating capacity
308 seats (including 297 movable seats,8 wheelchair Accessible seats, 3 seats in nursery room), 500 seats in flat floor configuration
Hall inside dimensions
Width: 15m, Dimension: 25m, Height: 7.5m (flat floor configuration)
* Dividable into two rooms by partitions.
A multi-block lift stage
11 blocks
Dressing rooms
3 rooms
Enclosed loading dock
Same as Main Hall
Hearing loop, Partitions divided hall into two, Box-in-box sound insulating structure