Tatami room
Hall Building 7F (Art Village)

Tatami room
Tatami room
Soothing Tatami Room for Tea Ceremony or Classical Japanese Dance

This 30 tatami-mat room is best suited for classical Japanese dance, folk music lessons as well as for kimono dressing trainings.
It is also ideal for used in Sado (Japanese tea ceremony) and in Kado (Japanese flower arrangement).


Tatami room



Sq. Meters

24㎡×2(15 tatami mats×2)

Rooftop Plaza
Hall Building 8F

View from the rooftop observation deck
View from the lounge where practice rooms’ users can await
Feel the sea breeze at the Rooftop Plaza.

The open space Rooftop Plaza provides a fascinating panoramic view of Seto Inland.

* Depending on weather conditions, the Rooftop Plaza is subject to closures.